Aglianico IGT  
The Taurasi DOCG is produced from Aglianico, one of the oldest vines in Italy, which has almost 3,000 year history to tell. Introduced by the Greek colonists in the VII-VI century BC, its name derives from the ancient Vitis Hellenica, and exactly from this vine, Campania produced a wine destined to Rome and its emperors which later on became the wine of the Popes. The official doctor of Pope Paul III writes: "... this wine is made from rather dry grapes, made vigorous by oak and kept in large vessels. It is, therefore, fragrant and tasty, palatable, pleasant and stable...” Today, its cultivation is allowed according to particularly strict norms in 17 villages of the province of Avellino.The Taurasi DOCG Torrevigne is solid in structure, complex on the nose and smooth on palate. Excellent served with truffle flavoured dishes, grilled meat, spicy dishes and aged cheeses.

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